MEDIA RELEASE _Competition Entry

24 November, 2009

Sprawling Memory

Announced at the beginning of this week, Jennifer Mahon of Mahon Studio is going to enter the Colorbond Awards with her Memorial Project which holds tribute to the notion of urban sprawl and the picturesque.

The project presents as a housing module that is seamless in its rectilinear form with the ability to tack onto surrogate facade structures of the city. Metal cladding with perforations for light reveal a luminous glow in the evening, said to attribute to the picturesque of a city view. As these structures are attached to the surrogate facades, the notion of urban sprawl becomes a layer within the built city fabric as opposed to its perimeter.

Jennifer’s Memorial will be an interesting project to follow in this years awards and presents as an interesting contest to the notion of ¬†inevitable population expansion; urban sprawl.


Information about Mahon Studio

Jennifer has just completed her Master of Architecture at the University of Technology Sydney.

Jennifer Mahon




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